Rio Tinto Iceland ltd. employs around 370 people year-round, skilled mechanics, electricians, automotive mechanics, carpenters, blacksmiths, painters, technicians, masons and cooks as well as unskilled workers, engineers, business administrators and other professionals.

Longevity in employment is the rule rather than the exception, and more than 100 employees boast 30 years of service. Some finish their employment in the Workshop, a special workplace for those with reduced working capacity as a result of age or loss of health.

Rio Tinto Iceland ltd. provides its employees with free bus transportation back and forth to work no matter where they live in the Capital Area. Employees also receive work clothes and free meals during work hours in the company canteen.

Training and education

Occupational training is among ISAL's top priorities, and the Company received the Icelandic Occupational Education Awards when it was first awarded.

The Company runs a training center for unskilled workers to improve the skills of those employees who only have a basic school education and who work in the production department or the transport and logistics department. Their training is divided into general studies and craft-related subjects - 325 lessons in all during three semesters. Over 180 employees have graduated from the school and a senior level has been founded to meet high demand for further education.

Executives, leaders and future leaders are provided with management education courses while various other educational programs are available for all employees. The purpose is to improve staff technical skills as well as their knowledge in safety, computers, communication and similar subjects. Newcomers attend special courses and are provided with a "foster-parent" within the Company, who looks after the newcomer in the first few weeks.

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