Support to research

Over the years, ISAL has supported various projects that focus on environmental protection and research. ISAL presents an annual environmental award, which has been received by numerous ambitious scientists who have worked on several important research projects.

These include:

  • Research into the effects of vegetation on the speed and collection of carbon reservoirs in Icelandic ecosystems.
  • Research focusing on the population size of wild mink in Iceland, natural population controllers and the effects of hunting.
  • Research into the biology of reproduction and colonization of the Icelandic highland flora.
  • Research focusing on bentonite as a binding agent and releaser of fertilizer in fighting soil erosion.
  • Research into the effects of physical and chemical environmental factors on shrub and moss communities in the vicinity of large-scale industry.
  • Research focusing on the Dwarf Char (a type of Arctic Char) at Straumsvķk and Kaldį river.
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