In the casthouse, the molten aluminium is poured from the crucibles into mixing furnaces, where various metals are added to the aluminium to bring its chemical composition up to customer specifications. This composition decides, among other things, the strength of the aluminium along with its toughness and its resistance to corrosion.

When the right composition is acquired, the aluminium is treated with Natrium to reduce hydrogen, sodium and solid impurities. Then it is poured into casting machines, via filters and a Natrium treatment system that cleans the last impurities before casting. In the casthouse, billets are cast in two casting machines. The billets vary in size, composition and diameter. About 200 different products are manufactured in the casthouse and sold to custumers.

Waste materials produced in the casthouse are recycled as much as they can be. The Company melts down cuttings for re-use. The dust produced through sawing, as well as the filters used for cleaning metal, is sold for recycling. Aluminium slag, a by-product consisting of pure aluminium and aluminium oxide, is also sold for recycling.

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